Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Balcony Yoga

About six weeks ago I heard about a yoga class which was called "restaurant yoga."  It was brought to my attention because I work in a restaurant, and it started at the exact time I was done working, and it was only $5...so of course I went to check it out.

And you know what?

I've been doing yoga ever since.

Mostly because the master-yogi-class-instructor-leader-guy-who-rocks-the-man-bun said, "Jennee, we're doing a yoga challenge during the month of May, you should join us."

Naturally, I laughed because I'm a newbie at yoga.  I can't even touch my toes.  However, I decided at the end of 2014, I would get into yoga and do a handstand by the end of 2015.  (Go big or go home...)  I ended up agreeing to the challenge and I've been doing yoga every day since the start of this month.

Whenever it's nice outside, I take my mat to the balcony and do my stretches there.  My balcony faces the back of a building, so there is plenty of privacy for me while I attempt to make up a flow of movements on my own.  I'm learning it is much easier to do what the instructor tells you to do versus making it up on a whim.  My flow is a bit choppy and I usually spend most of my time in child's pose.

I've really been enjoying doing the challenge.  Every day I patiently wait for a picture to appear in my instagram feed telling me the pose of the day.  Most days I scratch my head and wonder if they remember a beginner is doing the challenge with them, but that hasn't stopped me.  I do my best to get into these poses, even if it is only long enough for a picture.

If you haven't seen my yoga in progress then you need to check me out on instagram!  But until then, here is some of my balcony yoga.

On a side note, my faithful loving cat, Miss Prim, loves doing yoga with me.  Or maybe she just really loves yoga.  Or maybe just my mat... because she's always ready to do some stretches or help me improve my strength and making me hold my pose even longer.

If you've never gone to a yoga class, I highly suggest it.  It is so different from other types of work outs.  Each time I leave class, I feel better, physically and mentally, and that doesn't always happen with zumba or rollerskating or bike riding.  And if you're local... let's do yoga together!


  1. I LOVE YOGA! I need to get back into it!

  2. YAY! You touched your toes!! I love your new format. (We need to talk!) I'm going to sign up through email and see if it works.


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