Friday, May 29, 2015

Fit Spirit Yoga Mat Review

You know how I told you I'm a bit addicted to yoga?  Well, I have another confession to make...when I first started this challenge, I didn't even have a yoga mat, and then I found one that worked but wasn't the greatest, and then I had the opportunity to review a yoga mat (color of my choice) from Fit Spirit, so I jumped in.

I decided on the color purple.  It was not an easy choice because there was a bright green, and a red, and a light blue, and a pink, and a black... See my dilemma?!?!  I'm not joking, I closed my eyes and let fate decide while I spun my finger round and round. 

When I opened up the box I was surprised at the thickness of the yoga mat, even though I knew it was 0.5" thick, it didn't really register until I had the mat in my hands.  And, it was soft and squishy. 

My first thought wasn't a good thought since it reminded me of the yoga mats I use at class and I've grown to dislike them because they are slippery, and even though they're thick, they don't feel thick.  So, with that in mind, I rolled out the mat, and flowed from mountain pose to child's pose.  As soon as my knees hit the mat and I pushed my hips back for child's pose, I fell in love with this purple mat.  Seriously.

The yoga mat feels like it is made of memory foam, so not only did I sink into the mat while I was in a resting pose, but I found it even more enjoyable.  When I moved from plank to down dog, my hands felt cushioned in place and when they did move, I wasn't slipping and sliding all over the mat.  I felt more controlled in my practice and more comfortable, which is something I rarely feel since I'm newer to yoga.

Another great thing about this product is it comes with a strap to keep it rolled up and easy to carry.  You don't have to fight to fit it in a bag, just roll and Velcro, and be on your way. 

I highly suggest this yoga mat for anyone who is looking to start practicing yoga.  As I know well, when starting yoga, you spend a lot of time on your mat while watching instructors or videos show you how "simple" each pose is.  Then, you struggle, and often fall, or let your knees drop to the mat, and with this mat being thicker and sturdier, I really you'd find a little more comfort in this mat vs. something thinner. 

It's an excellent product, excellent quality, and something I intend to use in my daily biggest thing is getting my cat off my mat because she really loves it too.


  1. Very nice write-up. It makes me want to get a mat!

  2. hey... how am I just now stumbling across this post?

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