Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mixed Signals...Like Always

About a year ago, I started getting a little bonus attention from a regular and when I got the guts to talk to him and see if it was me or the food he was interested in, I got the impression it was the food.  Fast forward a year of attempting to flirt between two bashful people and a spontaneous ice cream run, we can converse a little easier.

This morning, T. came in, and, as he does every other Saturday, his kid joined him.  T.K. is an adorable teenager.  He also thinks I make the world’s best chocolate chip pancakes.  When the server turned in their order, she gave me strict instructions.  “T.K. wants to make sure you know this is his order so you have to make it extra special.” 
I gave a thumbs up to the boys at the bar and did my best to make a chocolate chip mustache in the pancakes and made a face with whipped cream. 
It didn’t work out quite like I imagined….and my distress must have showed.  My boss walked around the corner and looked at my pancakes.  “What are you doing?”
In a voice barely above a whisper, so the boys at the bar would be kept in complete mystery to my surprise, I told her of my plan.  “Oh, this is for your fan club.”
“Oh yes.”
Yes.  I have a fan club.  There are several regulars who actually do come in just for my cooking, which is why a year ago, I was so confused about T’s attention.
Anyway, when I got the opportunity, I went out to talk to the boys and get my hugs from them.  And now that I’m a little more relaxed around them, I don’t feel so awkward when confusing mixed signals come around, like when I was pretty sure T.K. is a bit of a matchmaker.  Somewhere in this short conversation, T is saying he’s almost to the point he doesn’t need a woman anymore, but T.K. is looking at me with big eyes and shaking his head no.  “No, he doesn’t think that.  He wants someone.”
T hits T.K. on the back of the head.  And T.K. slips in something about no one should be lonely or something like that, and I quickly change the subject and ask it T.K. is done with school and ready for the summer.
A few minutes later, I head back to the grill and make breakfast for other people.  Normally, I wouldn’t read much into this mixed signal but here’s why this is even more interesting… the other night I had a dream that T.K. was playing matchmaker and wanted to make me chocolate chip pancakes when I came over.
Ironic…or a sign?
And, I really do want some chocolate chip pancakes.


  1. Mixed signals are so frustrating! Sounds like a pretty cool kid, though.

  2. Mixed signals are so frustrating! Sounds like a pretty cool kid, though.


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