Saturday, June 27, 2015

Girls Day

The other day, a carful of ladies, traveled from Wooster to nearly Cincinnati to do a little shopping.  Three hours of road tripping, snacks, and gossip, and we were at the outlet mall minutes after it opened.  We drove this distance because we are all fans of the Cabi clothing line, and since you have to have at home parties to get Cabi clothing, we had to check out the Cabi outlet mall that is in our state. 

As it turns out, the Cabi outlet store carries all the extra clothes from a couple seasons ago, so I've made a mental note to check out this store in another year, so I can get the other pieces I've been keeping an eye on.  Unfortunately, Cabi clothing doesn't really fit my budget, but I have splurged for a few pieces, and I love them so much.  Going to a Cabi store where everything is 40% off the lowest price... now that's my kind of shopping.

So, I admit, I've put on a little bit of weight recently... which doesn't make sense because I've been doing good, and working out, and cutting back... ugh, so, I wasn't thrilled to see majority of the clothes in the store marked as XS and Small.  My selection of purchases was much small, and I had a pretty small budget since I knew I was going to be purchasing a new car in a few days.

Luckily, I had another plan beyond shopping.  My wonderfully fantastic BFF from Miami, Jessica, had moved to Cincinnati two weeks earlier, and I demanded we hang out and I could finally meet her four year old daughter.  The plan worked, because less than an hour after arriving to the shopping center, I was out of money!

Passed on this one.
Yep, got this outfit. 

When Jessica and I finally found each other via text messaging scavenger hunting, we picked off exactly as if we hadn't gone 2 years without seeing each other, and her daughter... oh, she is a ham, and a handful.  We caught up on our lives, which didn't take long since we talk to each other all the time, but it was so good having a conversation face to face.
She wasn't able to stay very long since her daughter had an upcoming nap (which I was slightly jealous of) and she had to get back to job searching, but it was still a wonderful visit.  We parted ways and I eventually found my shopped out and hungry friends...(we all got the memo to wear white but no, we didn't do a picture...) and we left the shopping outlet and devoured a late lunch at Cracker Barrel.
Carb overload later, we hopped back in the car and headed north for Wooster.  It was a lot of fun and I hope we do it again soon, and hopefully when I have a bigger shopping budget!

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