Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Think I Ate a Box of Razors

My mouth hurts.

It's throbbing.  Literally.

I went to the dentist 7 hours ago, and prior to my visit, my mouth felt fine.  My gums weren't swollen or bleeding.  My teeth weren't screaming at me.  My mouth was just having a very average day.

Until I met Sue.

She was pleasant at first, she introduced herself, told me she would take care of me today, and she'd get me all shined up.  (No cavities to report, everything is still looking fine except for the gunk build up...which Sue took upon her self to remove.)

Everything was going fine until she started digging.  I'm not kidding you, she was digging at my teeth.  The scraping sound was hurting my ears, I could feel my gums bleeding, and worst of all, I could feel and taste that blood falling from my gums and down my throat.

I wanted to gag.

I told myself not to gag.

I may have gagged.

She told me she was trying to get out somethingorother which she translated to "splinters" in my teeth.  She was determined to get this splinter out, no matter how much pain she was putting me through.  She quit, rather unsatisfied, because she didn't get it all and there was still a tiny bit left but I would be fine without removing it.

She says this AFTER she dug and removed the first half...

Thirty minutes later, I was out the door with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and a six month follow up appointment.   She told me to have a nice summer and that I'd see her in December.  I tried to flash her a bright and shined up smile but my tongue was busy nurturing them by massaging each tooth (or maybe I was checking to make sure they were all still there...).

I inspected my mouth as soon as I got to the car, and sure enough, my gums were swollen and bleeding.  Though the bleeding has stopped, the pain is almost unbearable.  I am really starting to wonder if she flossed my teeth with razors, because honestly, that's what it felt like.

But yay for no cavities...right?!?!

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  1. Yay for no cavities! Boo for feeling like your mouth was destroyed! I hate hygienists that are so rough. It's really not nice.


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