Friday, June 5, 2015

Three Words

I've been avoiding blogging lately because all I want post about is how the prodigal child had to come save the restaurant and has stolen my future promotion...needless to say I've been stressed and only want to write hateful things so I've been avoiding blogging… 

That being said I had dinner with SJ the other night and she asked me to describe myself and three words and that was a lot harder than I thought it would be, given no one has ever asked me.

My first thought was 1) lonely 2) pathetic 3) loser and I mean that in the most endearing way,  but I imagined SJ would take that in a negative way so I pondered more, considering calling myself funny but then I realized I have funny moments but I'm not an actual funny person.  I am snarky and sarcastic and come up with real zingers, but I'm not a funny person.  

And then I thought maybe I'd say I'm outspoken but when I think about outspoken people I think about people who are talkers and I'm not a talker, however I'm not afraid to say what needs to be said.

So I considered saying crazy because we all know that's true but I wanted to find a better word. Before I could answer SJ said creativity was one of my words.

A lot of people describe me as creative but I don't really feel like I'm a creative person. Crafty yes, artsy definitely, but creative… I don't know I feel like I copy a lot other ideas instead of making my own. 

Finally I came up with a word.


SJ looked at me with a strange look in her eyes and then started laughing.

"Maybe not..."

She told me when she thought of the word voluptuous she thought of someone like Marilyn Monroe. And that's when I explained her that I feel like I'm a very comfortable and confident in my skin.  Maybe voluptuous wasn't the correct word but that was what I was trying to describe.

So we changed it to sassy because we thought that combined the humor and confidence and outspokenness.

The other word we agreed upon was adventurer.  And not necessarily that I'm the next Christopher Columbus, but that I'm open to trying new things and going to new places, and that I get a thrill in doing those things, and I'm even willing to go solo instead of not doing something because I couldn't find anyone to go with.

Creative. Adventurer. Sassy.  

That really is me.

Then, we went about figuring out Sj's words.

I automatically gave her the word funny because she is hilarious, always laughing, always telling funny goofy stories, and I always find myself laughing around her...therefore she is funny. 

Then we decided she also was an adventurer but her definition was different because she's more of an I'll-travel-anywhere-bags-are-already-packed person.  Maybe we should have picked vacationer as her description.

We pondered on the third word for her.  She told me how someone described her as kind and she thought it was hilarious.

"I'm going to pick humble."

"Ohh I like that word. Tell me why you think I'm humble."  She said in a very self-absorbed jokingly way.

"Or maybe's a toss up!"

We laugh it off and I told her that she is kind and giving, and she constantly offers a helping hand to anyone but she doesn't see those qualities in herself, hence picking humble as her word.  

Our conversation continued, tossing words around like how I'm nerdy, maybe smart, and a listener and how she's a talker, outgoing, and kind but constantly coming back to me being creative, sassy, and an adventurer and her being funny, an adventurer and humble.

"I think you need a word that describes how you keep trying things or like how you never gave up on D for a really long time or how you decided you wanted to try yoga and now you're trying to do a handstand. Most people give up or move on but not you. Oh what's a good word for that?"

"Stubborn? Stupid? Headstrong? Persistent?"


We never thought of the words that were in the tip of our tongues.  When I woke up the next day, I decide my words, although they did describe me, weren't fully me.

I sent SJ a text.  

Determined. Loyal. Open.

Determined to make things happen creatively, physical, mentally, even emotionally.

Loyal to my friends, my family, my workplace, my crushes, my faith and loyal to myself.

And open.  Open to life and adventures, to trying new things, to understanding things I can't explain, and open to inserting sassy comments at the precise moment.

I think I'm going to stick with these three words.  How do you describe me? What would you pick?  What are your three words for yourself? 

***Update... I've been asking people to pick three words to describe me and it's been fun hearing how everyone perceives me.  These are my parents answers:

Mom did two lists... her first thoughts... 1) creative 2) loyal and 3) joyous but ended with 1)fun-loving 2) stubborn but in a good way 3) loving and 4) sassy.  Clearly I get my indecisiveness from my mom.

I really like my dad's pick of fact, I'm ready to use his instead of mine.  1) adventurous 2) bold and 3) insightful

I ask my brother for 3 but he came up with driven and never got back with me about the rest...I'll have to get on to him about that. I can't be driven and not follow through and not get answers!  But then again, this brother is 1) laid back 2) patient and 3) content.


  1. What are you talking about, friend? You ARE funny! You are a funny girl!

    But, I do think those three words sum you up very well. I'm going to have to think about mine.

    1. Aw thanks but YOU are the funny one! It's been fun hearing others answers and seeing how they perceive me...and how they struggle to come up with only three words! For you, I pick 1)funny 2)considerate 3) talented (get that book done, I wanna read it)

  2. Yes, you are funny. At least I'm always laughing when I'm around you!

    but those three words describe you pretty well. That was fun tonight.


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