Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why I Hate a Really Good Song

The other day I was scanning the radio stations and I came across a really beautiful song.  The piano keys popped out, her voice was strong and soon I started listening to the words. They were really good.  In fact, the message was wonderful, encouraging, optimistic, and refreshing.

I'm sure the song is an anthem for many people who are going through a difficult time.  In fact, I would love to use this song as an anthem for the past year or so, but I can't.  Every time I hear the song, I shake my head in disappointment.

See, every time I hear Rachel Platten's Fight Song.... I think of a different song with a similar message.  And this song is also about overcoming obstacles.  This other song could also be a great message and anthem for someone going through a difficult time, however, the song is very inappropriate for a funeral.

My grandma passed away a little over a month ago.  During the funeral, her children and grandchildren shared stories and memories, mostly about her amazing cooking skills, and how she was born a premie and resided in a shoe box in the oven as her incubator.  In the middle of going down memory lane, we were asked to sit back and listen to a song that my uncle thought really connected with my grandma, and her struggle through depression and dementia.

So, please, sit back and listen to this song....

Now, if my memory serves me right, I watched this video with my face twisted up like I was attempting to suck on a dozen lemons in record time.  Eventually I looked over to my mom, who also seemed to be on this lemon sucking quest, and I mouthed WHAT! Seriously?

I didn't understand.  Did my uncle forget we were at a funeral?  She didn't overcome anything.  She passed away.  Dead. Gone.  On to the afterlife.  She did overcome her premature birth, having ten children, and then "beat" breast cancer a few years prior with surgery at age 85 and this song would have maybe been appropriate then but she didn't do rounds and rounds of chemo or anything like that, so I'm still struggling to grasp how she is an overcomer while her funeral was going on.

I'm sure I sound really insensitive about the death of my grandma but it was the weirdest funeral moment I have ever experienced.  And it's probably not one I'm going to forget any time soon... because now the words I'm an Overcomer have a totally different meaning to me.


  1. That's just weird. It really gets me what people think is okay for a funeral. I'm with you. This song is not for that occasion.

    Also, I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother.

  2. There are some things we will never understand. I'm still trying to get over the horror of that moment! I nhave no words of explanation.


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