Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Confused SWF

I decided to do a quick load of laundry today.  (Don't worry, this will be a great  decent  post, and not about laundry...)  I loaded up the dirties in to my portable tote, grabbed a handful of quarters, and opened the door to what I thought was an empty hallway.

"Hey boo."  I hear from behind me.

Out of habit, I respond with "heeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!" And really, I say it out of habit since my co-worker always says "hey boo" to me.  And then I realized I wasn't at work, oh no, I actually said that to the neighbor in apartment #18.

"How you've been gurl?"  He asks, and even though I'm walking in the opposite direction down the hall, I can feel his eyes on me.

"I'm good, how are you?"  I respond.

"You still got dates?"  He asks, referring to the time a few weeks ago when he asked me to go out with him and I told him "It's complicated, I'm kind of seeing someone."  (Because at the time, I actually thought I was kind of seeing someone.... and I didn't want to go on a date with apartment #18 guy named Willie.)

"Yes...sorry."  I said, shrugging my shoulders and continued walking.

"Let me know if that changes."  He said, flashing me a grin.

I rolled my eyes and turned into the laundry room, and naturally my thoughts went to TT.... the guy that made things complicated.  Truth was, he stopped talking to me cold turkey, and it's really given me a complex, mostly because I can't understand how someone could actively pursue me for a year, then when things start actually happening, he vanishes.

So, I did what any single female would do when these questions start forming in her mind, I stalked TT on facebook.  Even though we aren't official facebook friends, I could still see his profile picture, and as it turns out, his new profile picture explained everything.  There he was, with a giant smile on his face, and a woman wrapped in his arms.

Clearly, I am not that woman.

Ah, yes, I was someone on the side....again.

And even though I'm currently talking to someone new and going on dates (see, I didn't lie to #18) I'm still really bothered with TT just leaving me hanging.  Why couldn't he man up and tell me it wasn't working or that he wasn't interested now that he was getting to know me instead of just dropping off the face of the earth when I thought things were actually starting to go somewhere?

I guess I've never been good at dating because I've never really understood it.  In my mind, if you're talking to someone, you continuously communicate with them, whether it's good or bad, because you can't build any type of a relationship without communication.... and trying to figure out hints, clues and codes, is a waste of time.

So, while my laundry is turning, I've been trying to delete TT's number out of my phone but I'm finding it to be much more difficult than it should be...

the struggle is so real.

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  1. I have SO been there. The struggle is very, very real.

    I wish I had some brilliant words of wisdom like, once he started to get close to you he freaked out and balked at the idea of being in a relationship...But that's clearly not what happened here. He's obviously just an idiot, plain and simple.


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