Thursday, August 6, 2015

Finding the Calm

I'm sure most of you are wondering if I walked away from the blogosphere again.  I haven't, I've just been busy, and scatterbrained, and busy.  The truth is, I've had so much going on that I haven't even thought about giving myself a little me time because I think if I do that, I'll start getting anxiety from feeling like I'm in over my head.

Whats been going on you ask?

Well, I quit my job.  It was time.  I've spent all of 2015 focusing on finding positive energy and getting rid of anything toxic in my life.  I've made huge progress with this but unfortunately, my work situation went from positive to toxic, very fast.  I suppose when you get promised a raise and promotion but then it's handed off to an arrogant son, it makes it hard to keep doing your best at a job with no future.  And to make it worse, the son constantly picked at every little thing you did wrong... oh there is still dirty dishes in the sink at 11:00, well that's because I can't do dishes, cook, prep, bake and clean all at the same time.  So, I gave a short noticed.  I told them I'd finish out the week, do the next week if they really wanted me too, but I was so DONE that another week sounded like torture.  Instead, they told me to leave my key and that I was no longer needed, that I wouldn't receive my final paycheck until I turned in my t-shirts.  And then they released my phone number since I was on their phone plan.

They did this on a Friday.  I couldn't call about it until Monday, which seemed fine, until my phone stopped working on Sunday.  So, I headed to Verizon and got there at 6:04 pm, and naturally, they closed at 6, so I ran to walmart to get a month to month plan.  The not-so-helpful employee told me I wouldn't be able to keep my same number without my account info, pin, etc, etc, etc.... none of this information my former boss would give me, not that I had a way to contact them anyway.  I purchased a month to month pack after the not-so-helpful employee told me my phone was compatible for this packet.  I went over to my brothers to set up my new plan that was "easy to activate" except it wasn't.

We spent TWO hours trying to figure out why my phone wouldn't connect.  As it turns out.... my phone wasn't compatible.

Long frustrated sigh.

I've been doing upholstery now that I'm no longer working at the restaurant.  I don't mind the work.  It's hard work but I always feel accomplished after I do it.  My plan was to sort through this phone issue after I was done working however the deadline for the order was Tuesday, so I didn't leave until the order was complete...

So, I returned my phone kit and headed to AT&T at 8:03p.m., and guess what... they closed at 8:00!

I was ready to punch someone.  However, my man friend gave me a hug and told me not to worry, and that everything will work out.  He insisted I go on his phone plan because it would be the cheapest option for me.  I told him it felt a little soon to be going on his phone plan since we've only been dating for two weeks but he insisted, and then insisted some more, and then told me to relax and let him take care of it.

Apparently I don't like giving up control.

The next day, I had a new phone number, and the man friend insisted I upgrade my phone to something a little better.  I eventually caved and then had a secret anxiety attack when I had to pay for the phone seeing how I'm kinda unemployed at the moment.

I dropped of my shirts at the former workplace where I was given the cold shoulder by the boss, but soon received texts from all my coworkers telling me how much they missed me being there, how my bosses act like I never existed, my name is never mentioned, etc, and that how things are getting even worse.  It makes me feel like I made the right decision at the right time.

AND then I got an email from my former boss telling me he was holding my final paycheck until I returned the phone.... yes, the phone they gave me instead of giving me a raise.  The anxiety I had about buying a newer phone was gone, but I was still angry.  Mostly because I intended on giving the phone to my former coworker Brian who had lost his phone 3 weeks ago and he just needs a break in life.  I have yet to turn in the phone but I'll do so when I'm done blogging.

So, things are kinda chaotic in my life right now, but I'm hoping to take a little time for myself and get back to the things that make me feel better about life, like writing, and hiking, and home cooked meals.


  1. It's a good thing you have yoga to keep you calm! I hope you have your paycheck now. I love the cat in the tree pose!

  2. Holy cow. I can't believe all of that. Sounds like you got out at the right time. Good luck finding a new job!


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