Monday, September 7, 2015

Death at Apartment 13

Happy Labor Day!

Hope all is going better for you than it did for the resident down the hall from me.  I don't know the full story but this is my point of view.

I woke up Monday with a little skip in my step.  It was a day without work, one that would start of with breakfast with a dear friend and ending with hanging out with my parents while enjoying the beautiful day.  I headed out of my apartment, locking the door behind me, then searched my purse for my phone since I'm just scattered brained enough where I can't ever remember if I grabbed my phone or not.  I headed down the hallway and noticed the door to apartment 13 was cracked open.  I turned to walk down the stairs when two unfamiliar faces were walking up the stairs with a frazzled look on their face.

I offered a cheesy smile and a quick hello but they ignored me and kept walking.  I headed out the front door and saw the ambulance, lights flashing as they loaded the gurney, yet the paramedics weren't in any rush.  I made my way to my car, wondering if I should wait for the ambulance to speed off to the hospital (which is less than a block away... which on a complete side note, may I suggest moving near a hospital because you NEVER lose electricity for more than a minute when you're on the same grid as them... something to think about...) Instead of rushing away, the ambulance sat there... and then turned off the lights.

To me, this is a sure sign of death.  Then again, the slow movement from the paramedics was a sign of death.  The covered gurney was a sign of death.  There was a lot of signs pointing to death.  I don't even know who lived in apartment 13, and part of me wonders if the tenant had been dead long or if it was a heart attack while others were visiting and could call the ambulance.  I really don't know.

I guess you never really know about the lives of people, even with they are a few rooms away.


  1. Wait. That's not the apartment that had the Halloween decorations up long after October was over...was it?

  2. 13 did indeed prove to be unlucky!


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