Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How I Scored a 32" Flat Screen TV

I've never been one to really care about television or what I'm watching television on. I can prove this by the fact that I've owned an "embarrassing" tv for almost 2 years.   I was shopping at Goodwill looking for a television when a woman told me that I could  have hers for free as long as I picked it up. It was big, bulky, heavy, and old but it was also free and it worked just fine.   I had no problems with this TV, but everyone who came over to my apartment made some sort of comment about my ridiculous tv.

My man friend cannot stand my television. He would refuse to come over and watch television when invited, because we can only watch TV at his house because he has a nice lcd flatscreen TV.  

He couldn't stand the TV was only 32" while his friends had 55" flatscreen TVs. So on black Friday he ordered a new flatscreen TV that was 55" - and LED a step up from his friends.


On top of all this he is moving to a new location, so the other day I went over to help him clean his apartment and prepare for moving… Because I'm nice… Not necessarily because I think this is the man for me.

This was an eye opener.   

I knew he wasn't the most proactive person, and this has been a big issue from day 1 of our relationship....but he didn't have one thing packed....didn't have one cleaning fact...he's never really cleaned his apartment in 15 months.  

He didn't know there were different kinds of cleaning....he's always wiped things down, that's all.

It was disgusting.

Like I wish I would have worn gloves and a mask disgusting.

However, I've never been afraid to roll up my sleeves  and get the job done, so I started cleaning....

And every room, I got more and more angry.   He didn't have any boxes, he was packing everything in Walmart bags.  

Three hours later, I collapsed on the couch, reeking of bleach and grime, having done deep cleaning on 4 rooms and he finally finished the half bath.

"I'm ashamed Jen, I don't know how to clean.  In my culture, the woman does everything in the house."

"I understand your culture but you're 35 and living alone, you have to clean up after yourself.  This place is disgusting."  I reply, completely heartless.

I can see his eyes are borderline tearing up.  He's embarrassed and ashamed.

"You don't have to clean this much."

"Yes you do! You're moving out! You've know you are moving for 2 months, you've had 4 days off of work!  All you did was play video games the whole time.  This laziness is a huge turn off."
Again, I'm heartless. 

"Jen, I'm a good person.  This dirt is meaningless in terms of our future..." He rambles on and on for 10 minutes straight, giving me every excuse he can think of.

"It's not the dirt, it's the laziness.  It's a problem.

He swears up and down he will change but the truth is I checked out of the relationship weeks ago.  The problem is he's a nice guy and I like hanging out with him so it's been difficult to end it....and he doesn't listen because I've broken up with him three times and he ignores it and then buys me a really nice gift.

So, the next day, what does he bring to my apartment?

His old tv.

Even though I told him I didn't want it, and that he's bribing me to give him another chance.  

I surrendered, took the tv,
and passed mine in to a resident in my apartment.

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  1. This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where George keeps trying to break up with this woman and she keeps telling him no. It's pretty funny. :-)

    Anyway, congrats on the TV?


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