Sunday, December 6, 2015

Worth It

In July, I was approached by a Beachbody Coach to join her team.   I liked the idea of everything, hosting yoga challenges on instagram, getting healthier, making a couple bucks, and finally drinking shakeology which I had learned about while doing P90x....and Insanity.   The truth is, I always wanted to get Shakeology when I did those work outs but when I looked it up and saw the price.. I said NO.

So, knowing that being a coach would require me to drink Shakeology on a daily basis, I told the lady I'd have to think about it and see if I could afford to be a coach.  Everything was telling me to take the jump and do it, but the finances told to stop wishing and dreaming that I could afford something like this in my life.

Like I do in most things in life, I followed my passion.   Since July, I've worked out on a regular basis, I'm eating better, I have a better self esteem, and I drink shakeology daily.  When I don't push for sales, the financial side whispers "I told you so" in my ear, but I know that signing up to be a coach is the BEST thing I've EVER done for myself.

My sales record isn't the strongest but last month shakeology paid for itself which made me feel like I'm on the right path.  But then the strangest thing happened when I went to the store to pick up the supplements I use to help with my Hashimoto's disease.... I started checking on the prices of everything in the store.  I mean, really looking at the prices.

Because of coaching, I'm learning even more about health and wellness, more about supplements and vitamins, and so I started seeing the same ingredients that I've been drinking for several months in pill form.

When someone asks me about Shakeology because they see how much it's changed my life in a few months, I tell them to give it a try for 30 days... there's a bottom of the bag, money back guarantee but most of them say, "I can't afford shakeology but I'm glad it's working for you."

I slap myself on the forehead.   Is money more important than health?  Would you rather feel like crap and save a couple bucks or get your money's worth in a shake that can either be a snack or meal replacement.  The truth is, if I can afford shakeology, I'm pretty sure you can too.   Seriously.  You probably make twice the income I make, yet I made my health and wellness a priority.  So, I don't have cable, or go out to the movies anymore, or buy stupid stuff I don't need from online anymore, I INVESTED in my LIFE.  You can afford it if you WANT it bad enough.

So, while I was at the health food store, I tallied up the prices of 6 ingredients in Shakeology and it was $79.72.... suddenly $129 for 70 ingredients that lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, help regulate our bowels, aid in weight loss, give more energy, etc, etc, etc, doesn't seem so pricey, does it?   Breaking it down, shakeology is $4 a day....and you know what, I'M WORTH IT.   I'm worth paying that much/little for nutrients my body is craving for.  

I'm also worth the $50 top notch video series that I can use over and over for the rest of my life.   An average monthly gym membership is $55.... so again, is the cost that outrageous?  Every month, my team offers challenge groups with unlimited support and encouragement to help you get in the best shape of your life... the only thing stopping you from failing at getting healthy is YOU.  

Don't wait until the new year to start losing weight or get healthy, don't try that crash diet that you won't stick too, join me in the journey of loving yourself and getting healthier because you realize you are worth it.

If you want to take a giant leap of faith, like I did, and begin coaching because you need to commit to making a change in your life, talk to me.  I care more about you than sales.  In fact, sales is not my top priority as a coach... helping people get on the right path is.  I'd love to help you take the first step to your health and fitness journey, starting now.

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