Monday, March 6, 2017

Farm Chores Diary

Dear Farm Chores Diary, 

Well, today did not go as planned.  As in everything in life, there was some good, some bad, and some ugly, all mixed into today's assignment of tending to the cows and the chickens.   It was off to a good start.  I put on my boots and made it to the gate quite peacefully.  I entered the chicken house to collect a variety of eggs.  

All was going well until I spotted an egg on the floor of the far corner of the house, in the area of the rafters.  I scooted the chickens out of the way and grabbed the egg.   It was at this point in time when things started to change in the atmosphere of this chicken house.  It was already a bit chaotic but I noticed the rooster was puffing out his chest.  "Well, that can't be good..."  I thought to myself as I was climbing back over the rafters towards the exit with a basket full of eggs.  With a puffed chest, he started flapping his wings, and then words were spoken... "rrrr rrrrr rrr rrrr rrr rrrrrrrrr"  I explained to him that I was doing him a service by feeding the hens and clearing out the place for them to lay more eggs but he disregarded my words and without further warning, he started attacking me!  In a moment of pure self defense, I fought back, kicking him out of my way.  He puffed his chest and started flapping his wings again, "rrr rrrr rrr rrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrr"  he warned me again and then again, he charged!  I spoke back only this time my words were a little more...french. I continued to practice the best self defense I could with a basket full of eggs in one hand and a rooster pecking full force at my leg.  I made it to the door and escaped to my freedom!  

Well, actually, I got outside and looked some very hungry cows in the eye.  It was then, when I realized, that despite it not actually being their dinner time yet, I should have distracted them with some hay.  After much bribing, the cows took my word for it and let me leave the field.  I made good on my part too, and they were so excited for the early dinner.


I made it back to the house, ready to clean some eggs, when I heard it....a screeching sound like nails on a chalk board.   Naturally, my first thought was my parent's house is haunted and if the rooster couldn't kill me, a ghost would!  With my trusty weapon in hand, (my cell phone) I tip toed around the corner and closer to the sound coming from inside the wood burner.  Then, suddenly it stopped. I called my parents to inform them of the suspicious sound but I had nothing to verify if any animal was actually trapped, just some occasional strange sounds.

Not much longer, my brother came over to inspect the wood burner to see if there were an animal trapped inside or if I'd official lost my mind.  Both are equally possible.  I told him I hadn't heard any sounds in a while so I thought maybe, whatever it was, was no longer stuck.  He shone his flashlight into the firebox, and sitting peacefully inside was a little black bird.  After a few minutes, we came up with a plan that, if it went well, the bird would go straight into the crate and we wouldn't have to capture a bird flying in the house.  Apparently, this bird had plenty of time to sit and think about life while locked in the wood burner, and it concluded that cooperating with us would help him reach his end result faster.  In no time, he hopped into the crate and a few minutes later, we set him free in the great outdoors.

A little bit later, I saw a deer walking across the back field, oblivious to the fact she was being watched. It was quite pretty, since the skies were gray and there was a light mist.  It was simple but I kept watching.  

So, dear farm chores diary, all this to say, that life is much more entertaining with animals.

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  1. I don't know if I could have handled being attacked by a rooster. Although, whatever his name is, I would probably change it to Dinner.


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