Friday, April 21, 2017

Money Matters

On Tuesday, I was thrilled to see Jen Sincero's newest book was finally available, and even better, the audio version was over half off!  I was a thoughtless purchase because I knew this book was going to help me in the current situation I am.  After all, the book is called You are a Badass at Making Money.  I've listened and read You are a Badass hundreds of times and it's one of my go to books when I find myself in a slump, but instead of empowerment and living your life awesomely, Jen was going to cover a topic that I know I have a weird relationship with... money.

The book was amazing.

I'd been doing some of Gabrielle Bernstein's money practices over the past few months such as praying before you pay.  Each time I write a check for a bill, I pray something like this....

Dear God, 
Thank you for giving me the resources to pay these bills and for providing me the opportunity to give back to the community and help others keep their jobs so they can pay their bills.  I am blessed and grateful to contribute to the economy.

And let me tell you, there has been a lot less stress when it comes to paying bills from what feels like a never growing account, yet, I always have enough to pay my bills.

In You are a Badass at Making Money, Jen Sincero gives a lot of great advice and I know I will be listening to this book hundreds of times to help me get a healthy relationship with my money.  One of the stories in the book that stood out to me was when a friend of hers would run out of clients for her interior design business, so she would go driving and every house she passed, she would say, "you are a potential client" to remind her how many people have homes who could use some interior help.

So, I did something very similar.   Every time I drove by a house, I said, "The people in this house have enough money to have a home.  There IS money everywhere."  I mean, have you ever really noticed how many houses you pass on a ten minute drive?  It is an eye opener to see them all and realize everyone in that home has money.  Whether their money situation is healthy or not, I don't know, but I do know, it takes money to have a home, and A LOT of people are making enough to provide for their lifestyle.

I've been practicing changing my words and instead of saying "I'm broke", I say something like "Money is on it's way", or "I'm having a temporary financial set back", or "I have the resources to pay my bills".

Perspective, yo!

In the book, Jen also suggests doing a 29 day giving money away challenge, even if it's only a nickle a day.  I was telling my friend about this challenge and I said I wanted to do it but I was a little nervous since I'm only averaging 20 hours of work right now.  I am still making my monthly donation to a charity of choice, but giving away money for 29 days in a row makes my stomach turn.  How?  Who?  Where?

And, before I could finish my thought process, I was walking down the hallway of my apartment, coming back from a hike, when my neighbor from apartment 24, approached me and asked if I had a dollar.  It was at this moment, I realized I'd left my wallet in the car and told her that I didn't have the money on me right now, but I could give her a dollar once I got to my apartment.

I dug up some quarters and handed her a dollar.  "Oh bless you!  I need my cigarettes so bad!  You wanna know why I'm so broke and needed to borrow a dollar?  Let me show you why I am broke..."

"It's okay, don't worry about it, enjoy your cigs"  I tell her but she insists I follow her to her apartment to see why she is so broke.  I have lived in this abandoned-insane-asylum-looking apartment for three years and I have never been inside another apartment because I don't want to be!  I prefer to keep my head down and mind my own business.  She opened the door to her apartment and I expected it to ooze with cigarette smoke and to feel a layer of it on my skin as I entered, but was surprised to barely smell anything.   Instead, I saw an empty living room except for a couch.  No pictures on the walls, no table, no television, just a couch.  She was the first person I met when I moved in and I know she has been living here longer than me, so I was surprised to see just a couch, and I wondered if the couch purchase was what made her so broke.

She took me into her bedroom which was fully furnished, but again, no decorations, no knick-knacks, nothing besides a bed with it's head and foot board, a dresser, and a vanity mirror.  "This is why I am so poor.  I've been waiting 38 years to get a bed with a head and foot board and now I have it!  How much do you think I paid for this?"

I shrugged my shoulders.  At 34, I still didn't have a bed with a head and foot board.  I could tell it was used by the scratch marks on the wood but I had no idea where to begin guessing.  I don't like guessing games when it comes to age or what something might cost.  The Price is Right will never be in my future.

Before I could guess an answer, she shouted, "$350!  Can you believe that!  I have a bedroom set and now I'm broke!"  She laughed about her fate but she couldn't hide the prideful glow that was beaming out of her.  I told her it looked fabulous and headed back to my apartment, only to see ALL THE STUFF!  I have things everywhere!  EVERYWHERE!  I realized how "rich" I am, and how blessed I am to have more than what I need.

As I was cleaning up my balcony, my neighbor underneath me said hello and asked me how I was doing.  I told him all was well despite my lack of work but I was getting by with the help of odd jobs.

"Do you clean?"  He asked.

I wondered who doesn't clean?  And then I thought maybe he doesn't clean.  But, my bad habit of talking without thinking first answered him and next thing I knew, I had plans to come clean his apartment the following afternoon.  (Inside two apartments within 24 hours...and yes, that story will be coming soon...)

Maybe Jen Sincero is right, when you give your money away, it opens up more opportunity to make more.  So, for 28 more days, I am going to be giving some money away, even if it's just a nickle, to not only help me overcome my negative relationship with money, but to also trust that God will continue to provide for me.

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  1. I need to read this book. I think my biggest issue is my thinking.


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