Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bucket List #35...Check

I haven't done anything with my hair in years, unless you count growing it out and trimming it off every couple months.  I haven't done any color or new cuts.  I've just been plain-Jane in the hair department and I've been okay with this...because I have really great hair!  Seriously.  The reason I get my hair cut is because my hair is so thick that it gets too heavy to pull back and stay up.  "You have so much hair..."  is a common comment from hair stylists, and I always reply with reminding them I'm the one who has to deal with the thick, heavy, curls day in and day out.  "People would kill for hair like this."  And I understand, because I know what it's like to throw my hair up in a bun and the struggle of putting my niece's thin hair up in a pony tail.  I'd pick mine too!

So, about a year ago, I decided I wanted to go purple.  I didn't have a reason for picking purple besides having confidence I could rock the color more than any other color.

However, thinking about going purple and actually making the appointment to go purple are completely different things!  So, I tipped my toes into the great adventure of purple hair as a birthday present when I turned 34... but we didn't lighten my hair and the color washed out the next day.  I was a bit sick knowing how much I paid for 24 hours of purple hair that no one even noticed!  I liked the color but I knew if I was going to really go purple, it wasn't going to be a short process.

A few weeks ago, a hairstylist friend of mine asked if I could reupholster some chairs for her.  I accepted the job in exchange for purple hair.

The catch was I had to do the upholstery project overnight... like in an Extreme Home Makeover kind of situation. (I'm trying to think of a more relevant show...unless that show is still on...ok, you caught me... I don't watch tv...)  I picked them up one night after working on the farm, tore one apart to assess the foam situation, then headed to the store to get supplies.  At the crack of dawn the following morning, I set up shop in my parents garage and ripped a hole in my hand from tearing apart the cushions so fast.

Everything was going smoothly and I was making good time, the only thing I was struggling with was the arm rests, mostly because the screws kept stripping.  Before I knew it, it was time for me to "take a break" and head to the farm to do some work.  When I got done with that job, I took a shower, and headed back to finish the chairs so they could be delivered, and reinstalled, before she opened up the salon the following morning.

What should have been a quick job of reattaching the handles on the chairs, turned into a long evening of trying to figure out how to make something work and cover up the evidence.  It didn't take long for me to recruit my parents to help me hold, and/or drill.

Once it was finished, I loaded up the car and took them into the salon.  The reinstalling part didn't go smooth either, and it took the both of us, and a lot of patient team work to put them together again.  But once the were installed.... I'll admit it, it looked good!  

She was pleased, gave me some dining room seats to do, and I made an appointment for the following week.  The dining room chairs were easy and went smoothly.  Again, I gave myself a pat on the back for being so dang good at upholstery.  Since we've been slow at the shop, I've considered buying an industrial machine and really going at it and starting a business, because I know it's something I have the skills for, however, I also know how hard it is on my hands and I haven't missed the mornings of numb and achy hands with the slower work schedule.  However, I'm currently not going to turn away any projects that come my way and that I am capable of doing with the supplies I have.

Today was the day of my appointment and I excitedly went in to the salon with the finished dining room chairs.  Installation went much smoother, however, it still required teamwork...and a screwdriver.  (I took a philips but I needed a flathead....luckily she keeps a toolbox in the shop!)  

Then, the new look began!

And lighting my hair was quite the process.  

Four hours later, and a few remarks from the other elderly clients  (mixed reviews, some liked it, some hated it, some told me I rocked it and it was amazing....)  I finally got to look in the mirror and see what I looked like with purple hair!


I seriously don't know if I'll ever be able or willing to go back to my natural color...but I'm pretty sure my budget will determine how long I can keep up with it!

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  1. I know I'm late and also already commented on Insta or somewhere, but ALL THE HEART-EYED EMOJIS over this color! It's gorgeous!


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