Monday, May 22, 2017

Mixed Messages

Since the start of this year, my friend and I have been playing a little game.  We never discussed the rules, we simply started playing one day, and it has continued at least once a week since.  We both were going through similar situations, me getting my work hours cut, and her having surgery on her foot and unable to even walk for months, so we knew we would have to encourage each other to keep a positive attitude, because we didn't want to add depression to these already difficult circumstances.

I don't remember who sent the first message, but it doesn't really matter.  Instead of sending each other what we'd read in our morning devotional, we'd simply send each other the verse, making the other person get in the Bible, even if it were only for one sentence.  Then, the other person would respond with another bible verse that adds on to the previous verse.  The game continues until we run out of verses to respond with or it gets so far out of context that it no longer makes much sense.

I have the slight issue of sending her verses, only to have her respond with "WHAT?"  And then I will realize I had a slight moment of dyslexia, and send her the correct verse.  For example, on Mother's day, instead of sending her a verse about God's love, my typo had her read a verse about killing babies.

Today, started with message from her telling me it was the first morning she woke up with a normal looking leg, there was no swelling, and she could actually put on her shoe!  So, I responded with what I thought was John 9:3...but really sent John 3:9, luckily, I caught the mix up before she did.  But she told me to just go and read what I sent her anyway....

John 3:9
"How can this be?"  Nicodemus asked.

Yep.  That's the verse.  "How can this be?"  I couldn't have planned it better if I'd tried.

The verse I actually meant to send her was a little more encouraging, "....but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life."  It comes from the story of the blind man being healed, but I'm kinda wishing I would have left it at "How can this be?"  because I would have loved to know what her responding verse was going to be!

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