Thursday, August 31, 2017

I'm Always Being Guided...

A few months ago, I wrote something about the topic of being guided.  I don't know if it ever made it to the blog, or beyond a note on a pad of paper, but I do know I wrote something about being guided.  It was shortly after I finished reading The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein because it was, while reading that book, that I realized I am, in fact, always being guided....even when it doesn't feel like it.

Let's take a look at this year from my perspective.

January... cut hours, it's okay, it'll bounce back, everyone is slow in January
February...even more cut hours and unexpectedly dumped, ouch
March... working one day a week, start struggling with depression
April... out of a job but working one hour a day on a farm but at least the baby lambs are cute and keep me company
May... the farm is still my only source of income, living off a credit card, things aren't looking good for me in any area of my life...
June... temp agency places me in a factory...the one where my ex and all his friends work, hello anxiety
July to mid August... work an average of 60 hours, commuting a lot, absolutely HATE the factory life, feeling less and less like myself every day

And then I got an email that went something like this, "Jennifer, I found your resume on indeed and I would like to talk to you about job..."

I rolled my eyes and assumed it was a robot or a MLM gig, and responded with a quick response.   He wanted to have a phone interview, after all, he was located in Indiana.  I agreed.  During the interview, he asked me what my salary expectations were.  Having no clue what size of company this was, or even fully understanding what the job would be, I threw out a number.   He chuckled and told me that would be okay.  A few more emails were sent and when I was asked to meet for an interview, I stopped being so skeptical, and met an older man named Ken.  It was in the middle of the interview with Ken said, "you know, I think we were just meant to be."

"I might have to agree with you!  I always knew I had that odd list of jobs for a reason..."

So, let's zoom out and take a look back on my job history...

2001-2005.... sewing cushions for rocking chairs, mostly indoor, sometimes outdoor
2006-2008....sewing sails and covers
2009-2014... food service and engraver... irrelevant to this story
2014-2017... restaurant booth upholstery, (farming, and factory work)

Ken wanted to offer me a job to run a satellite location for his company which makes covered window treatments.  Based on my resume, he knew if I could cover a restaurant booth, I could cover a window valance.   What is interesting is he has several locations of shops in the States and well... just listen...

Indiana - covered window treatments
Indiana #2 - branching to outdoor cushions
Indiana #3 - embroiders and sews bedspreads
Florida - branching to sail covers

I'm sure you can see why my resume stood out to him.  It's also why he picked a shop location based around my answer of whether or not I would accept his offer.  So much so that he wouldn't sign the building lease until I gave him my answer.

Wanna guess my answer?

Yup!  I'm out in Indiana training so I can get my satellite shop up in running in a few weeks.  So much of this seems surreal but looking back, it seems pretty obvious that I've been on this path for a reason.  

I've spent a lot of this year wondering if I was on the right path or if I'd miss my turn years ago, but "it just so happened" that Ken offered me a job right after I quit the factory.  (I started in another upholstery shop and hated it on my first day, I held out for 3 days... then quit.  They were sad to see me go and even more then a week later, they've messaged me to see if I have any interest in coming back.  Um, no.  I'm off to bigger and better things!)

Oh, and remember the pay I suggested?  He's starting me off $1 more per hour than I asked, on top of benefits, incentives, and bonuses.  He has no doubt that I am the right person for the job, and after a few days of training, I know I will ROCK this JOB!

After all, I'm always being guided.

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  1. I'm so late to the party as usual, but OH MY GOSH!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


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