Sunday, May 31, 2015

Currently/May Wrap Up

Number of Dates: 0

Number of Movies in theater: 1
Avengers ****

Number of books read: 0

Number of times I went rollerskating: 3

Number of times I did yoga: 31

Number of hikes: 2

Number of bike rides: 2

Current status: Single

Current facebook status:  I can finally touch my toes!!!!!

Current weather: chilly and rainy

Current book: As You Wish by Cary Elwes

Current favorite song:  I have a few song I'm addicted to but I cannot get enough of Homegrown by Zac Brown Band....I got everything I need and nothing that I don't!

I'm also addicted to Tegan and Sara's Closer.

Current netfix marathoning tv show: Sons of Anarchy.  Now I see why so many people talk about this show!  It is so good!

Current need: for my cat to stop lying on my wrists so I can blog easier... also, I need sleep.
Current triumph: Completing the #30daystoflexy challenge (Blog coming soon)
Current outfit: My nasty, frumpy, around the house dress
Something I learned this month: Daily yoga really is more beneficial
Yesterday I… Went to Glow with the Flow Yoga Session, ordered pizza, and watched Rock of Ages.
Today I… went to church, hung around my parents all day, painted some potting plants
Tomorrow I… going to my acupuncture appointment and probably running errands

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mixed Signals...Like Always

About a year ago, I started getting a little bonus attention from a regular and when I got the guts to talk to him and see if it was me or the food he was interested in, I got the impression it was the food.  Fast forward a year of attempting to flirt between two bashful people and a spontaneous ice cream run, we can converse a little easier.

This morning, T. came in, and, as he does every other Saturday, his kid joined him.  T.K. is an adorable teenager.  He also thinks I make the world’s best chocolate chip pancakes.  When the server turned in their order, she gave me strict instructions.  “T.K. wants to make sure you know this is his order so you have to make it extra special.” 
I gave a thumbs up to the boys at the bar and did my best to make a chocolate chip mustache in the pancakes and made a face with whipped cream. 
It didn’t work out quite like I imagined….and my distress must have showed.  My boss walked around the corner and looked at my pancakes.  “What are you doing?”
In a voice barely above a whisper, so the boys at the bar would be kept in complete mystery to my surprise, I told her of my plan.  “Oh, this is for your fan club.”
“Oh yes.”
Yes.  I have a fan club.  There are several regulars who actually do come in just for my cooking, which is why a year ago, I was so confused about T’s attention.
Anyway, when I got the opportunity, I went out to talk to the boys and get my hugs from them.  And now that I’m a little more relaxed around them, I don’t feel so awkward when confusing mixed signals come around, like when I was pretty sure T.K. is a bit of a matchmaker.  Somewhere in this short conversation, T is saying he’s almost to the point he doesn’t need a woman anymore, but T.K. is looking at me with big eyes and shaking his head no.  “No, he doesn’t think that.  He wants someone.”
T hits T.K. on the back of the head.  And T.K. slips in something about no one should be lonely or something like that, and I quickly change the subject and ask it T.K. is done with school and ready for the summer.
A few minutes later, I head back to the grill and make breakfast for other people.  Normally, I wouldn’t read much into this mixed signal but here’s why this is even more interesting… the other night I had a dream that T.K. was playing matchmaker and wanted to make me chocolate chip pancakes when I came over.
Ironic…or a sign?
And, I really do want some chocolate chip pancakes.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Fit Spirit Yoga Mat Review

You know how I told you I'm a bit addicted to yoga?  Well, I have another confession to make...when I first started this challenge, I didn't even have a yoga mat, and then I found one that worked but wasn't the greatest, and then I had the opportunity to review a yoga mat (color of my choice) from Fit Spirit, so I jumped in.

I decided on the color purple.  It was not an easy choice because there was a bright green, and a red, and a light blue, and a pink, and a black... See my dilemma?!?!  I'm not joking, I closed my eyes and let fate decide while I spun my finger round and round. 

When I opened up the box I was surprised at the thickness of the yoga mat, even though I knew it was 0.5" thick, it didn't really register until I had the mat in my hands.  And, it was soft and squishy. 

My first thought wasn't a good thought since it reminded me of the yoga mats I use at class and I've grown to dislike them because they are slippery, and even though they're thick, they don't feel thick.  So, with that in mind, I rolled out the mat, and flowed from mountain pose to child's pose.  As soon as my knees hit the mat and I pushed my hips back for child's pose, I fell in love with this purple mat.  Seriously.

The yoga mat feels like it is made of memory foam, so not only did I sink into the mat while I was in a resting pose, but I found it even more enjoyable.  When I moved from plank to down dog, my hands felt cushioned in place and when they did move, I wasn't slipping and sliding all over the mat.  I felt more controlled in my practice and more comfortable, which is something I rarely feel since I'm newer to yoga.

Another great thing about this product is it comes with a strap to keep it rolled up and easy to carry.  You don't have to fight to fit it in a bag, just roll and Velcro, and be on your way. 

I highly suggest this yoga mat for anyone who is looking to start practicing yoga.  As I know well, when starting yoga, you spend a lot of time on your mat while watching instructors or videos show you how "simple" each pose is.  Then, you struggle, and often fall, or let your knees drop to the mat, and with this mat being thicker and sturdier, I really you'd find a little more comfort in this mat vs. something thinner. 

It's an excellent product, excellent quality, and something I intend to use in my daily biggest thing is getting my cat off my mat because she really loves it too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Balcony Yoga

About six weeks ago I heard about a yoga class which was called "restaurant yoga."  It was brought to my attention because I work in a restaurant, and it started at the exact time I was done working, and it was only $ of course I went to check it out.

And you know what?

I've been doing yoga ever since.

Mostly because the master-yogi-class-instructor-leader-guy-who-rocks-the-man-bun said, "Jennee, we're doing a yoga challenge during the month of May, you should join us."

Naturally, I laughed because I'm a newbie at yoga.  I can't even touch my toes.  However, I decided at the end of 2014, I would get into yoga and do a handstand by the end of 2015.  (Go big or go home...)  I ended up agreeing to the challenge and I've been doing yoga every day since the start of this month.

Whenever it's nice outside, I take my mat to the balcony and do my stretches there.  My balcony faces the back of a building, so there is plenty of privacy for me while I attempt to make up a flow of movements on my own.  I'm learning it is much easier to do what the instructor tells you to do versus making it up on a whim.  My flow is a bit choppy and I usually spend most of my time in child's pose.

I've really been enjoying doing the challenge.  Every day I patiently wait for a picture to appear in my instagram feed telling me the pose of the day.  Most days I scratch my head and wonder if they remember a beginner is doing the challenge with them, but that hasn't stopped me.  I do my best to get into these poses, even if it is only long enough for a picture.

If you haven't seen my yoga in progress then you need to check me out on instagram!  But until then, here is some of my balcony yoga.

On a side note, my faithful loving cat, Miss Prim, loves doing yoga with me.  Or maybe she just really loves yoga.  Or maybe just my mat... because she's always ready to do some stretches or help me improve my strength and making me hold my pose even longer.

If you've never gone to a yoga class, I highly suggest it.  It is so different from other types of work outs.  Each time I leave class, I feel better, physically and mentally, and that doesn't always happen with zumba or rollerskating or bike riding.  And if you're local... let's do yoga together!

Monday, May 25, 2015

And Just Like That, Summer Kickoff has Come and Gone

Well, that was a fast weekend. I'm hoping most of you got to enjoy it like I did...with perfect weather, no stressful plans, and delicious food.

I didn't get a three day weekend like most people, in fact, I got the same days off I always have off, the only difference is I usually spend Monday's running errands and this Monday, I didn't do a thing that required responsibility and adulting.

I headed over to my parents house in the early afternoon, when the sun was still shining, when the breeze was gently blowing, and I found my spot on the hammock.  Yes, I go over to my parents house to nap in the hammock....or swing on the swing.

And when it came time for dinner, we go big or go home!  My parents saw a video going around facebook for some beer beer can burgers, and so that was exactly what we made for our Memorial Day meal, and let me tell you.... it was amazing!
It's not just a's a loaded burger.  Instead of putting all the toppings on top of the burger once it's been cooked, you load up the inside of the burger with  everything and then grill the masterpiece.  Talk about filling!  Oy!  I'm going to have to do some more yoga...and burn off this meal! 

It's so easy to get caught up in the moment and celebration of life, and forget all about the meaning of this "3 day weekend" and it would have been so easy to overlook the streets filled with flags waving in the wind, but we can only do all this celebrating because of sacrifice.  We have this freedom because so many men and women gave their lives for this country.  They believed in the stars and stripes, and freedom, and everything this country is built on, and so do I.
I know I take my freedom for granted, and I try to remember it more than on Memorial Day and the 4th of July, but I was made and born in the USA, and I don't know anything else than freedom and the American way.

So, I'm taking the time to remember, and observe, and pray, and believe in this fine country because it is home...of the free because of the brave.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hello...Again...You Probably Don't Remember Me But...

After much thought and consideration, I've decided to come back from my blogging sabbatical and do my best to rejoin the blogging world.  (Yes, I realize I have tons of catching up to do).  I picked the word sabbatical because it's been a full year since I've posted a public blog and I thought sabbatical sounded much better than I-was-too-paranoid-to-post-anything-because-stalkers-were-twisting-everything-in-the-blogging-world-making-my-personal-life-a-dramatic-hot-mess-but-I've-removed-myself-from-those-people-and-cleansed-emotionally-spiritually-physically-and-everything-else-and-I-think-I'm-mentally-balanced-enough-to-blog-without-my-worlds-attacking-me-or-something-like-that-anyway.  Basically, I'm ready to write about the happenings in my small town life world and I'm hoping you still want to read about it.

So, after a full year break, I'm kind of wondering where to begin.  I know I used to do this all the time...effortlessly...and now I'm punching at the keyboard hoping more than rambles will come out.

So far it feels like rambling.

I hope you don't mind.

I am a bit rusty.

But I do have to tell you about winning the best x-ray of the day award.  (Clearly I win the best awards!)

For months, I have had a sensitive tooth.  Actually, maybe years.  Basically since I went to the dentist the last time (2012) and they gave me a filling, this tooth has been bothering me off and on.  I finally got the courage to make an appointment with the free clinic down the street.  Naturally, I have been doing my best to holistically fix my problems with oil pulling and clean toothpaste.  Still, the pain hasn't gone away, hence me finally caving and heading to the dentist.

I arrived 20 minutes early to do the "new patient" paperwork, even though I'd spent a lot of time at the clinic last year when I was told I might possibly have thyroid cancer but instead it turned out to be an incurable life-long auto-immune disease called Hashimoto's. 

They called me in at the exact time of my appointment and I was on my way to get an x-ray of my pearly whites.  I'm always amazed at how much technology evolves every time I get dental x-rays done, mostly because I still remember the awkward bit on this and don't move for ten minutes...each side...and now it's bite here while the machine spins around (making me incredibly dizzy) and then it's done. 

Eight minute later, the x-ray was developed and the dentist was in the room with me.  "You have the best x-ray I've seen all day, I just want to hug you for having good teeth."

"Thank you."  I responded, not really sure if I should give this dentist a hug or not.  I always think about the stats of dentists and suicides and I really wanted to give him a hug...but I didn't.

"Seriously, most of the people who come in here have a mouth full of holes and cavities, and you have a really nice x-ray, nice gum line, everything looked really good.  So, why are you here?"  He asked.

I secret give myself a high five for doing the oil pulling over the last few months and I've even more convinced it works before I pointed to the painful spot on my mouth.  "Sensitive tooth..."

"When it's hot, cold, or sweets?"

"Mostly cold."  I replied.

"Show me exactly where it hurts."  He leaned in close towards my mouth, almost like someone would do if they were about to kiss me, only his fingers came clawing towards me instead of lips.

"Well, it's not sensitive right now..."  I said as I tried to remember the exact spot where it has caused pain in the past.

He moves his fingers around in my mouth, lifting my lips for a better look, or pushing them aside.  "If it's not broke, then don't fix it.  I don't want to go drilling around in there when I can't see the problem, so here's what we are going to do..."  He hands me a tube of toothpaste for sensitive teeth, "use this, and only this, for a few weeks, and I'll have you come back in and if it's still bothering you, I'll put a seal over your filling, but I'm pretty sure this is all you need.  You had a really good x-ray, I wish all the patients x-rays looked like yours."

And just like that, I was out the door, with my tube of sensitive tooth toothpaste, and the best x-ray of the day award.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Tribute to Life

A lot has happened since my last blog post (and believe it or not SJ, I intended to blog about these events, yet time has snuck up on me and this is my first chance to sit down with my laptop and let my fingers dance over the keys) such as TWO really hot make-out sessions with the tattooed tipper, spending the weekend with the Asian and then "breaking up" with him,  saying farewell to Grandma, and hearing other tragic news making my week whirlwind and summarized into three deaths, two funerals.

It's been a hectic couple of weeks.

Anyway, the weather is finally pulling through and giving us some nice sunny days and I took the opportunity to walk in the woods and sort some things out that have been going through my head lately.  The first hike of the season I spent a lot of time thinking about my grandma.  I had gone down to see her and say my goodbye to her a few days prior to the hike and I didn't think she would last much longer.  I even prayed that God would just take her home so she wouldn't have to suffer any longer.  (She passed away 12 hours after my hike...)  But the one thing that I couldn't get off my mind during this hike was LIFE and how it is all around us.

It's even more evident in spring and on a first hike of the season.  New life is everywhere.  Moss is growing over dead trees, flowers are popping up under a pile of shrubs, birds are singing, and life continues to grow and thrive as I walked through nature, observing the mystery of it all.

Each step had me pondering about purpose and if I was living my life to full potential, and as I started to make my way up a familiar hill, my breathing got heavier and heavier.  I had to stop, not only because I was out of breath, but because I wanted to jot down everything on my mind.

This is what I scribbled down....

It doesn't matter how many times I've hiked up this hill, I am always breathing heavy by the time I reach the top.  My heart is pounding and I can feel it outside of heart, on my arm, in my stomach, and down my thighs.  My whole body screams it's alive and in full throttle.  And I wonder how many moments like this I really have in life, when I am so in tune to everything my heart is saying in the moment.  Did my heart beat like this when I got my driver's permit?  Did my heart pump through every vein when I talked to that guy for the first time?  Did I feel this alive when I woke up this morning? 

Life is amazing.  It's full of simple moments that open our eyes to a new understanding.  Life is full of joy.  It takes our breath away when we least expect it, and that is a beautiful thing.

With the passing of my Grandma, and "Crazy Aunt" Betty, and Shawn's twin Shannon, all in the same week, it's really made me take the time to appreciate life and all of it's little unexpected blessings. 

I've heard all the tributes to those who have passed, so I guess that's why I wanted to take the time to post a tribute to living a life worth remembering, so someday someone can tell stories about how crazy I was at my funeral because I wasn't afraid to life my life.